1-Year Bible Reading Plan


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Read through the Bible in one year with this e-book reading plan from The Pause Pursuit. Use this digital download to stay on track and help you read the entire Bible in just one year with only a few verses each day.

We've designed it so that it presents the Bible in chronological order, rather than simply reading one verse at a time straight through. This allows the stories and timelines to all line-up and make more sense as you read through it.

We also thought it'd be nice to have some breaks (and/or makeup days), so we built the plan around a Monday-Friday schedule. This allows you to keep a Sabbath day of rest and/or plan around your busy-ness week to week to ensure you still have time to stay on track.

We pray this blesses you and helps you not be overwhelmed with reading through such a huge book! We've got this! One day at a time!

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